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Types of Carpet

Types of carpet and carpet fibers.

At Viking Carpet One Floor & Home, we know that navigating through the many carpet options can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we’re here to help you determine what carpet fiber and carpet type is best for your home. By learning more about you and your lifestyle, we can help you narrow down the many options. Whether you have a high-traffic home or several pets, we are here to guide you to the carpets that fit your home design goals as well as your specific lifestyle. 


Carpet Fibers 

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that was created many years ago. When it comes to carpet, nylon is known for its durability and strength. Nylon must be treated to become stain-resistant. 


Polyester is a cost-effective carpet fiber that is similar to nylon. It also must be treated to become stain-resistant, though polyester does not absorb liquids. 


Olefin is a synthetic fiber that looks a lot like wool. It is perfect for colorful carpets, and can usually be found in Berber carpets or area rugs. 


Triexta is a unique fiber that does not absorb liquids, and it is also naturally stain-resistant. Triexta is ideal for homes where accidents are likely. 


Wool is one of the few natural fibers available for carpet today. It is a renewable resource that makes soft, warm carpet. 


Carpet Textures 

If you want your carpet to perform well and work with your home, it’s crucial you know about the type of texture that it is. Each type of carpet texture differs in its construction and features, and there are three main types. 


Cut-pile carpet is a common type of carpet. It is constructed by attaching fibers to a backing, then shearing the top of them. The length and twist of the fiber that is left can vary. 


Loop carpet is a bunch of looped fibers attached to a carpet backing. Loop carpet is not cut, and the length of the loops can differ from one product to the next. 


Cut-loop carpet is both cut and loop pile carpet on the same backing, and it can be found most prominently in patterned carpets. 


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