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Schluter Installations

At Viking Carpet One Floor & Home in Spring, TX, we not only offer an excellent selection of the latest products, but also pride ourselves on performing quality installation services. We offer Schluter® installation systems for tile and stone projects. Schluter provides a variety of products and methods that prevent mold damage, cracking, leaking, and other common problems that occur with tiling over time. When you choose to install with us, you’ll know your gorgeous tile or stone will stay looking and functioning beautifully for many years to come. If you’re interested in a tile floor, shower, countertop, or more, contact us today to get started.


Schluter Shower Systems

If you’re interested in a gorgeous tiled shower, we can install it using the Schluter®-Shower System, which prevents future leaks, water damage, mold growth, and more by using a range of innovative installation technologies. For example, we’ll create a sealed drainage system that can completely dry between usages to prevent the degradation of your tile and shower’s integrity. The Schluter Shower System is also fast and less labor-intensive than traditional tile shower installations, which leave weak points for moisture to cause damage over time.


Schluter Profiles

In addition to Schluter’s innovative shower installation system, we also offer Schluter®-Profiles. These provide tile edge protection and are an easy to install alternative to trim pieces. They can be added to tile stairs, floors, and more to create a functional finish that keeps your tile or stone from chipping, cracking, and peeling up at the edges. Schluter edges also eliminate the need for caulking in a wide range of circumstances and provide an attractive trim to transition between field tile and walls.


Schluter Kerdi Board

The Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD is a polystyrene foam panel that tiles can be installed directly over. KERDI-BOARDS are used to quickly and easily build waterproof showers, shower benches, bathtub surrounds, countertops, and more. They enable us to complete your tile project in less time and with better structural integrity.


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