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carpet remnants

Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are a great resource for everything from small-scale installations to home projects. At Vikings Carpet One Floor & Home, we have a large selection of beautiful carpet remnants in a range of colors, patterns, and textures. If you’re looking for cheap carpet for sale or a carpet remnant store near you, stop by our Spring, TX location to browse our local collection and learn more about our products. We proudly serve Spring, TX, Kingwood, TX and the Greater Houston area. 


What are Carpet Remnants? 

Remnants are made from leftover carpet roll ends that are too small for full installation jobs, but large enough to still be useful. Although our carpet remnants are for sale, many of them are from our premium, high-end carpet rolls and are stylish, as well as stain, fade, and tear-resistant. Cheap carpet remnants are a great way to get excellent deals on flooring for smaller home projects like home offices, nurseries, and playrooms. Carpet scraps are also good for a wide range of uses, like cat scratch posts, pet crate bedding, and padding for storage bins. You can also use them to help move furniture by flipping them upside down under each leg and sliding the item across the floor. They’re also useful for cleaning window screens because the pile side of the carpet scrap can help remove hard to reach debris in the mesh. You can even tack them to your garage wall near where your car doors swing out to help protect your vehicle from damage. 


Where to Buy Carpet Remnants

Vikings Carpet One Floor & Home is your source for gorgeous flooring, including flooring remnants. You can even have your carpet remnant custom bound so you can use it for an area rug, runner, or floor mat. Rugs are perfect for protecting your floors in high-traffic areas and adding warmth and cushioning to your space. If you’re looking for carpet remnants near you, stop by our showroom in Spring to see our selection and chat with our local experts about your next home project.


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