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Carpet Flooring

Carpet in Spring, TX

Viking Carpet One Floor & Home in Spring, TX is here to take the stress out of finding new carpet near you. Our carpet selection spans the leading carpet brands, including stunning area rugs, and our trained flooring professionals know all the latest techniques.


Need Help Choosing Carpet?

Using our unique Select-A-Floor system, we can narrow down your carpet search based on your personal lifestyle and ideal warranty level. Our carpet selection covers a wide range of lifestyles from homes with pets or households that often entertain guests.


Which Type of Carpet Is Best For Me?

Carpet is made from natural and synthetic fibers, and those fibers have an enormous impact on how a carpet looks, feels, and performs. Fiber types, also known as carpet pile, include:








In addition, your carpet can be woven in numerous ways. The five basic styles of the cut pile are Velvet, Saxony, Frieze, Shag, and Cable. The biggest difference among them is the twist in the yarns that ultimately influence the durability of the carpet.


Where to Install Carpeting

Carpet flooring offers constant benefits. Certain carpets are great for allergy sufferers, since they trap dust and debris on their surface, where they can readily be vacuumed away. Stain-resistant carpets make life easier, warding off moisture and spills when accidents happen. There are even waterproof carpet options. Modern carpet is meant to be lived on since it’s easy to clean and maintain. Carpet is traditionally installed in bedrooms and living rooms, but can also be installed in children’s playrooms, on staircases, and in hallways.


Carpet’s Many Benefits

One benefit of carpet is that it significantly brings rooms together. It introduces beautiful colors and patterns that can contribute to making any room brighter or darker. It provides warmth unlike any other flooring product available. It’s perfect for homes with babies, puppies, or kitties, keeping homes warmer by acting as an insulator. If you’re worried about spills and stains, we carry exclusive stain-resistant carpet brands that will give you the peace-of-mind you are looking for.


Consider A Carpet Remnant or Area Rug

Carpet remnants are a great resource for everything from small-scale installations to home projects. Remnants are made from leftover carpet ends that are too small for full installation jobs, but large enough to be useful. Although our carpet remnants are offered at significant discounts, many are from our premium, high-end carpet rolls and are stylish, stain, fade, and tear resistant. Cheap carpet remnants are a wonderful way to get excellent deals on flooring for smaller home projects like home offices, nurseries, and playrooms. Carpet scraps good for a wide range of uses, like cat scratch posts, pet crate bedding, and padding for storage bins.


Come See Our Carpet Collection

Viking Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be greater Houston’s favorite carpet store. To explore our latest carpeting offerings, please visit us soon at 21019 Spring Towne Drive in Spring, TX.




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Proper Carpet Care


Managing your new carpet is much easier than

you think with these easy, straightforward tips.