Waterproof Flooring

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Waterproof Flooring Options

Living in a more humid climate, you need a floor that’s made to endure- and that most likely means it must be waterproof. Fortunately, as time merges on, there are now many waterproof flooring options to ponder, including hard-surface and soft-surface. At Viking Carpet One Floor & Home, you’ll find plenty of both in our Spring showroom. We have luxury vinyl flooring, tile flooring, and even waterproof carpet.

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring remains one of the most popular materials on the modern market, and with good reason. Many types of luxury vinyl tile and plank are completely waterproof. They’re also a lot less pricey than their hardwood or organic stone counterparts (although, your eyes won’t know the difference.) Our featured waterproof luxury vinyl flooring brand is Invincible H2O.

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Tile is always a tried-and-true option for those in need of a waterproof floor. Made to withstand weather and water, tile flooring is available in a plethora of patterns, materials, and colors.

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Tigressa H2O waterproof carpet

Waterproof Carpet

Water leaks, pets, splashes, and plumbing problems can all wreak havoc on your carpeting, but not anymore. Today there are plenty of waterproof carpet options that can handle spills and stains. We have Tigressa H2O, which is a Carpet One exclusive brand.

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