Tigressá Products at Viking Carpet One

It is very real that kids and pets can be rough on floors. This is why you need a carpet that can stand up to your hectic lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and style. This and more is what the Tigressá brand has to offer. Tigressá is a Carpet One exclusive product with a variety of products designed to suit the needs of even the most hectic homes. This line features a variety of products that are designed with enhanced protection against liquids, which gives you the reassurance that your floor will survive active children, spills, and pet accidents.  Dense fibers make the carpet resistant to fuzzing four times longer than regular carpet, five times more resistant to pulling out of the backing and ten times more resistant to delamination from the backing. These fibers are also treated with Advanced Repel Technology making them much more resistant to staining.

The variety of Tigressá products

Tigressá Cherish: Tigressá Cherish carpet is the SUPER SOFT extension of the brand. Featuring a one-of-a-kind blend of softness and strength, and made of precision engineered high-tensile denier filaments, Tigressá Cherish is the option for homeowners who have comfort as the priority on their list.

Tigressá SoftStyle: Tigressá SoftStyle carpet is a premier, all nylon soft carpet collection featuring a one-of-a-kind blend of softness and strength through its makeup of precision-engineered, high-tensile denier filaments. In short, it’s softer and stronger than ordinary carpet

Tigressá H2O: Tigressá H2O carpet is the waterproof, pet proof and kid proof extension the brand. This carpet line is designed for young, active families, and is 100% recyclable. Tigressá H2O is constructed with the strength to resist pet claws and active children. It is also designed to prevent liquids from reaching the carpet cushion or sub-floor. The design of this carpet also allows odors to be dissipated up to six times faster than other carpets.  

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