Best Pet-Friendly Floors for your Home

pet friendly floors

Pets are the adorable members of the family. It is important to ensure that they're comfortable within the home as well. When it comes to flooring, the likes of high-pile carpet and hardwood floors usually aren't ideal for dogs and cats. Pet nails can easily snag on the carpet, scratch hardwood floors and pet "accidents" are also difficult to remove from these flooring types. The good news is that there are plenty of other flooring options that you can choose from to ensure that it stands up not just to foot traffic, but to paw traffic too.


Compared to options such as ceramic tile and natural stone, hardwood delivers superior sound reduction and a more comfortable experience. This absorbs sounds throughout the house and makes walking on hardwood more comfortable over time.


Laminate has a similar look to hardwood flooring, but it's typically cheaper and it offers durability features that typical hardwood does not. Another benefit is that laminate floors are also very easy to clean. These floors may not be as long lasting as other options, but they're a viable flooring solution for homes with pets.


Vinyl floors are affordable, stain resistant, scratch resistant and also quiet when walked on. Unlike laminate, which can create a slippery surface for pets, vinyl floors often offer more traction.

Stone Tile

It's hard, it's beautiful and it's extremely easy to clean. Those are the three big benefits when it comes to stone tile as a means of pet friendly flooring.

Low-pile Carpet

Though any type of carpet isn't ideal for homes with pets, low-pile carpet is a viable solution. Dogs and cats usually love carpet due to its soft feel - it's just that the carpet doesn't love them back. However, low-pile carpet is less likely to snag on pet nails than high-pile styles. As is the case with any type of carpeting, it's important to clean up messes quickly and regularly vacuum. 

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