Latest Flooring Trends

Discover the new trends for flooring.

flooring trends

Flooring, like many other materials used in home decoration, can be a cauldron of new ideas and appealing innovation. Today, homeowners are more open than ever to the possibility of working with new trends to help create spaces that are ideal for both relaxing days spent with family and formal office business meetings.  

American Made Woods  

While imports are still an important section of the flooring market, many homeowners today have been pleased to discover that they can also pick from homegrown American options. Many home decor companies today have been able to offer materials that are ideal for hardwood floors in any home and grown right here in America. American-made flooring and laminates are just as elegant, affordable and durable as their foreign counterparts.  

Dark Woods  

Those who love dramatic colors have found dark woods a perfect mesh with their personalities. Observers expect to see even darker woods commonly offered everywhere. Dark browns, deep ebony, and shades of berry red have come become ever more popular today.  

Eco-Friendly Surfaces  

Today's homeowner is more environmentally conscious than ever before. In recognition of this fact, retailers are offering all kinds of innovative and completely eco-friendly flooring options. Buyers can be assured that their flooring choices will have a minimal impact on the environment and still look great.  

Kitchen Hardwood Floors 

Kitchen floors have traditionally been tiled floors. Homeowners today want to break free of this rule and use wood floors as well as tile. Wood flooring is just as beautiful as tile and even warmer underfoot, making it an excellent kitchen flooring choice.   

Large Tiles  

Larger tiles can help to make a bold statement in any room. The large tiles make even the smallest spaces seem larger, thus making them popular with homeowners all over the country.  

Metallic Finishes 

To help bring a touch of understated luxury to any home, homeowners are turning to flooring with subtle metallic finishes. A bit of sheen on the floor can be attractive and warm at the same time.