Hardwood Refinishing

A process you should leave to the professionals at Viking Carpet One.

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The natural beauty found in hardwood floors is one the main reasons why homeowners choose this material as the flooring option for their home. However, to enjoy great looking floors for many years to come, they require some maintenance. When was the last time that your hardwood floors were refinished? If the answer to this question is "never" or "many years ago" and your floors, have seen rain, a lot of foot traffic, spills or any other type of accident, ist time to talk with a flooring expert at Viking Carpet One.

The Hardwood Test

Testing if your floors need to be refinished is simple with a test you can do yourself. Place a drop of water on the surface. If the water beads on the surface, then refinishing is not yet necessary. But, if the water is absorbed into the surface of the floor, then refinishing is needed. We do want to highlight that if the drop of water is consumed immediately, you need to have the floors refinished as soon as possible.

The Hardwood Refinishing Process: A Task for Professionals

The first step in hardwood floor refinishing is the most complicated. Floors are sanded down to bare wood. Floor sanding takes some physical strength to move the sanding machine, but the most important thing during this step is to keep it running to prevent sanding too deep in spots. An edge sander is needed to remove finish from areas near the wall. It is important to remove sawdust and dust from finish between the removal of different layers and the use of various grits of sandpaper. Once the finish is removed from the floors, the floors will be cleaned with a cotton cloth that has been dampened with mineral spirits. It is essential to get every bit of dust off of the floor before the floor is sealed and covered with polyurethane. Next, the sealer is applied to the floor. Usually, the sealer takes at least two hours to dry. After this, the floor is ready for the topcoat of polyurethane. Most polyurethane is water-based now which is easier to apply and still looks great. The polyurethane will need to dry for at least two hours before a second coat is applied to the floor, then, after it has dried you will need to add a third layer, in most instances the final coat of polyurethane.

Undoubtedly it is a good thing that this process does not have to be done very often as refinishing hardwood floors requires a lot of labor and time-consuming. For this reason, hardwood refinishing is a task you should leave in the hands of professionals! If you want more information on the hardwood refinishing process or an estimate, visit our store today or fill out the form on this page and one of our flooring experts will be in touch.