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Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, it is found all over the world in varying color and shades. It is mined in granite quarries. It is a very hard and tough rock that is mined and from there cut into slabs. Once the granite is cut into slabs one side is polished and sealed. Once you find your unique custom slab we will cut and shape it to fit your dream counters.

Granite Countertops Spring, TX  


Did you know that the only mineral stronger than granite is a diamond? Since it is a igneous rock it is very hard and durable which makes it very hard to scratch. This makes it the perfect material for kitchen counters to withstand the heat and abuse from everyday wear and tear. It is also perfect for outside use; perhaps for a summer kitchen. Granite is a siliceous stone and NOT highly susceptible to damage from acids.


Granite Countertops Spring, TX

Granite Countertops Spring, TX— Unique Style

Since granite comes from the earth each slab is going to be unique. Offering a variation of shades and colors. Although there are many slabs of the same color, each slab varies in its swirls and veins it has running in them.

Granite Countertops Spring, TX

— Heat Resistant

— Chemical and Acid Resistant

— Bacteria Resistant

— Resistant to Scratches

— Kid-Friendly

— Easy to Clean

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Granite Countertops Spring, TX

  Granite Countertops Spring, TX
  Granite Countertops Spring, TX