Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

What are the real differences between them?

ceramic and porcelain tiles

Many homeowners that are in search of the perfect tiles for their homes are faced with the decision of choosing between porcelain vs. ceramic tile. Since both options are beautiful and can transform just about any space in your home, it can be difficult to identify the real differences between them. Both options offer quality, style, and longevity. So, how do you choose the best alternative for your home? 

Porcelain tiles are unique in many ways and are an excellent choice for projects both indoors and out. For starters, porcelain tiles are more resistant to water and moisture seeping through due to their denser quality. This fact makes them ideal for interior and exterior design as it is also considered to be frost resistant. 

While equally as beautiful, ceramic tiles are a much more delicate and absorbent version of porcelain tiles. Not very suitable for outdoor use, ceramic floor tile is lighter and easier to cut. They require simple maintenance, cleaning them with soap and water will be enough to keep them looking good. Ceramic floor tile is found in beautiful color options to make the decorating process easy and exciting. 

Many homeowners that are looking for tiles for their homes can get the two options mixed up. This confusion is understandable since all porcelain tiles are considered a form of ceramic but all ceramic tiles are not porcelain. The major difference to keep in mind when shopping is that porcelain is denser and stronger than ceramic. Ceramic tiles are a delicate option available in various color options and are more suitable for a low-traffic area of your home. 

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