Benefits of Hardwood Floors

benefits of hardwood

No other type of flooring is as timeless and attractive as hardwood. Hardwood floors are associated with luxury and elegance, but that doesn't mean that they are all about appearance. Here are some of the major benefits hardwood offers.

Sound Reduction and Physical Comfort

Compared to options such as ceramic tile and natural stone, hardwood delivers superior sound reduction and a more comfortable experience. This absorbs sounds throughout the house and makes walking on hardwood more comfortable over time.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Though hardwood may require an initial investment for materials, it can be refinished and remain looking like new over time. Carpet must frequently be replaced and often professionally cleaned. This is a problem for families with young children, pets, or simply allergies. With tile, when the surface is damaged, has to be replaced entirely.  Because of this, hardwood is considered as a relatively low maintenance option. As long as it is properly sealed, with regular vacuuming and sweeping will be enough to keep them clean.

Style, Appearance, and Value 

Hardwood flooring has an incredible wealth of styles and appearances, from rustic hand-scraped Brazilian Cherry to new, polished bamboo. Hardwood also increases property value in a way that options such as carpeting do not. Many people find hardwood floors an attractive option and will specifically seek out homes with them. This can be a significant benefit when later trying to sell. In conclusion, hardwood floors have been a mainstay for centuries for a reason. They offer a varied and attractive surface that if taken care the proper way, can last decades to come. When compared to other options, hardwood may cost more but will usually yield substantial returns.

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